A campsite in Burgundy accessible for all

At Castel Camping Château de l’Epervière in Burgundy, we try our utmost to make all our guests feel welcome and at ease, with a special attention to disabled people. We aim to improve our campsite every year and particularly try to make our campsite as accessible as possible to everyone. Today, most of our facilities and campsite pitches are easy accessible to everyone.

Accessible facilities

Our restaurant is housed in the castle on the ground floor, making our vaulted room and terrace very easy to access.
To enter our second restaurant room and the toilets, one needs to go up 2 little steps. This can be easily done with our movable ramp, a member of our staff will be happy to assist.

To access our take away service, one needs to go down a slightly inclined ramp. Our bar and shop are both on the ground floor without any obstacles, so they are both easily accessed.
The swimming pool area is accessible through a gate, a key to open this gate is at your disposal on request at reception.
The reception is now also very easy to access, we have done the necessary work to make the entrance even.

Practical toilet facilities

In the toilet block next to the castle, we have adapted a cabin for disabled people. Washing sink and mirror at special height, shower with folding seat, toilet and shower with handle bars. The cubicle is accessible with a key you can simply ask at reception.

Flat and even parc

Generally speaking, our campsite is suitable for wheelchair users, as all roads are tarmacked and the campsite is very flat and even.
We still have a lot of things to improve to acheive a campsite which is truly accessible for eveyone, we improve things every year. Please let us know if you have any ideas to help us improve the accessibility of our campsite.

For the time being, we unfortunately do not have specially designed rental accommodation for disabled people, however one of our ground floor chateau apartments is fairly accessible yet with no specially adapted bath room.