Chalon-sur-Saône, birthplace of photography

Situated on the banks of the river Saône, Chalon sur Saône is an interesting town situated around an old cathedral.

Birthplace of Photography

The Saint Vincent square (named after and situated around the Saint Vincent cathedral) is surrounded by semi-timbered houses. Every Sunday and Friday morning, a lively market is held at the square. The rest of the week, the terraces of the cafés and restaurants occupy the square.

In the middle of the Saône river, a little island houses many restaurants. Alongside the banks of the Saône river, the Museum Niepce retraces the history of Photography, in honour of it’s inventor Nicéphore Niepce.



Chalon dans la Rue street theater festival

Every year, around the third weekend of July, the city of Chalon sur Saône gets all excited and crowded during the street theater festival “Chalon dans la Rue”. During 4 days, many shows and theater performances take place in the streets all over town. Chalon sur Saône is at only 20 kilometers from campsite Château de l’Epervière

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