Tournus, Gourmet Town

The small town of Tournus is situated between Dijon and Lyon, on the bank of the Saône river. The town has a slight Southern atmosphere with its tuiled, slightly inclined roofs.

Tournus’ reputation goes way beyond the modest size of the town. The Saint Philibert Abbeychurch and the many gourmet restaurants make it a very popular destination in Southern Burgundy.


History of Tournus-religious destination

Tournus was first built by the Romans and has been attracting travellers from all around since the 6th Century thanks to the Saint Valérien sanctuary. The real fame however started 3 centuries later, when monks installed themselves in the town with the relics of Saint Philibert. From then on, Tournus became an important religious destination, especially after the Saint Philibert Abbey church was built between the 11th and 13th Century. The abbey church is said to be one of the most beautiful exemples of romanseque art in France.

Many excellent restaurants

With 4 restaurants having earned Michelin-star rating, Tournus has a gourmet reputation. Many other gourmet restaurants even add to this, making Tournus a popular stopping place for those en route. This reputation has been known since the 16th Century, when travellers already stopped here for a good meal!

The pretty little town of Tournus is only 15 kilometers from campsite Château de l’Epervière.

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